Stories of Success

The situation: A consultant from the southern americas sent an emergency call: His customer is using an old CISC AS/400 built 1991 as a production server. This server failed, no one was able to repair this box. And he found only 5 backup tapes.

Our service: After a short call the consultant took the next flight to germany, where he has been picked up by us. In parallel we grabbed an old AS/400 9402-200 out of our museum and installed OS/400 V3R2. The tapes we received consist of 3 tapes with a system save from 2011, a save of program libraries from 2013 and the nightly backup of the data library.

The 3rd system tape failed, so we could not restore everything. We used the user profile and config data to setup operating environment, loaded the program tape and the nightly backup. It lasted three days (and nights) until we got a working environment up and running.

As the software vendor prevented object conversion capability due to copyright reasons, we were not able to migrate this environment to a newer RISC box. So we decided to move the 20 year old AS/400 into our data center so the customer was able to start production work again.

The customer was glad we have a good museum and were able to reactivate old hardware and software; without that CISC box they would end up having no ERP System (Invoicing, Stock management, Queries) and this would have caused severe trouble.